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   Pet Sitting Services & Rates

  A paw above the rest pet sitting is a licensed, insured and bonded professional pet sitting service based in Glen Allen Va. 
  We service the greater Richmond and surrounding areas. Please contact us any time to see if we service your specific area!

  Short Visits, Long Visits and Triple Visits
  Yard Doodie
  Overnight Stay 
  Dog Bathing 
  Go Fetch! 
  Concierge Services

  Meet & Greets

  We offer free consultation and registration visit with you and your pet. A Meet & Greet is required for all first time clients, and 
  is designed for you and your pets to get to know your pet sitter . We understand how important it is for you to be completely 
  comfortable with the person you will trust with your home and pets while you are away. So we want to be sure we are able to
  answer all of your questions and go over your pet’s routine in person. Once we've had our Meet & Greet, scheduling any of our 
  services is easy! All you will need to do is complete the necessary paperwork. We believe it is just as important to build lasting
  relationships with our human clients as it is with our furry friends 

  Dog Walks & Pet Visits ( This includes cats and other pets) 

  All dog walks include safe neighborhood sightseeing and exercise, along with refreshing of water, cleaning of any potty accidents,
  and attending to the specific needs your pet may have. As pet owners, we understand how comforting a routine can be to our furry
  friends. If there is a particular routine you follow or route you like to walk, just let us know, we’re happy to help stick to it!

  • Short Visits - 15 - 20 minutes of fun, dog walks, neighborhood sightseeing, and of course belly rub

  • Longer Visits - 25 - 30 minutes Who wouldn’t want more playtime and extra belly rubbing?  

  • Triple Play! -  Triple the fun! Includes three 20 minute visits each day.

  This service is great for scooping or change cat litter, clean up any pet accidents. Feeding pets following your instructions including
  fish. Great for puppies, vacations, or new pets getting acquainted to their new home and routine. Vacation Triple Play! visits will be
  scheduled early enough in the day to get your pet’s day started and late enough for evening wind-down and tuck-in, with some 
  mid-day playtime in between!

  Yard Doodie

  •  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Why don’t you let us? We’ll make sure your yard is doodie-free and we promise not to
           cut into your pet's scheduled playtime. Yard Doodie must be scheduled in addition to any service above. Please contact us  for                     pricing and availability 

  Overnight Stay 

  • Overnight stay will provide your pet with the comfort of your home or one of our professional pet  
          sitters home. This service is great for puppies, late night barkers, older dogs that need extra late or extra early potty breaks, or  
          any pets that need extra care at night.  Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

  Monthly Packages

  • Schedule monthly package and we’ll throw you a bone! Contact us today and find out about our discounted rates and receive a 
          quote on your custom package. As we offer packages affordable to fit your budget. 


  •  We offer bathing in the comfort of your home or our professional pet sitter. We use only quality shampoos and conditioners     
  •  This is available without pet sitting services.  

   Pet Taxi

  • We’ll make sure your pet gets where he needs to be safely and on time. Our pet taxi service is great for trips to the vet or groomer.
            Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

  Go Fetch! Concierge Services

  • Life gets hectic, but your pets don’t need to find out! That’s why we extend additional services to help you have more quality free time to spend with your pets. We understand how that can make all the difference after a long day. Want dinner waiting for you? Need your dry cleaning picked up? Let us give you a hand. Go Fetch! Concierge Services must be scheduled in addition to pet sitting services. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  Complimentary Service 

  • We offer free of charge with pet sitting services. 
          Home security, secured locks adjust blinds and lighting 
          Take in newspaper, mail and packages
          Watering plants, put trash or recycle bins out
          Administer any medications  
          Vacation text or email updates


                                              ***ADOPTION CONTRACT MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF SERVICE ***